Episode 21: Iowa Caucus Boricua Breakdown + Oscar López Rivera Goes on Tour

Edoardo Ortiz, a graduate student at the University of Chicago School of Public Policy joins the show to share his experience at the Iowa Caucus. He went to Iowa for the caucuses as part of a Puerto Rican delegation from Chicago. If you haven’t heard already, things did not go quite as planned at the Iowa Caucus, so we are going to take the deep dive with Edoardo on what his experience was like before, during, and after the Caucus chaos. We also welcome back to the show, Oscar López Rivera, former political prisoner and Puerto Rican activist, who is going on a North-West tour of the U.S. He and one of his tour coordinators, Margarita Gallagher Huertas, discuss what you can expect from the tour and share some perspectives on the current state of Puerto Rico.  

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Edoardo’s Twitter + Blog + His Blog’s Twitter

Edoardo’s Univision Article: Why the delay over Puerto Rican self-determination?

Presidential Candidates’ Puerto Rico Policy

Power For Puerto Rico

Latino Rebels Article Edoardo mentioned: The Power of Puerto Ricans Showing Up at the Iowa Caucuses

Oscar Lopez’s Twitter + Facebook + Instagram + Tour Website

Boricua Human Rights Network

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