Paseo Podcast

  • Episode 27: A Puerto Rican Birthday in Quarantine

    Vanessa Torres thought she would be celebrating her birthday solo in quarantine, but she was surprised by a Boricua Birthday Parade on her block just for her with cars filled with family and friends. We invited Vanessa Torres, Anais Zayas, and Mary Santana from the Miracle Center to talk about this moment, why it mattered and what their work at TMC looks like during the COVID-19 quarantine.

  • Episode 26: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Puerto Rico

    COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives significantly. Freelance journalist, Angélica Serrano-Román, breaks down what this means for Puerto Rico.

  • Episode 25: IL Elections with State Sen. Iris Martinez & Cook County Circuit Court Judge Candidates

    It's an election-themed episode of the Paseo Podcast, so we invited a number of guests running for local office here in Illinois on Tuesday, March 17. We welcome State Senator and candidate for Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court, Iris Martinez. We're going to discuss her campaign, what inspired her to run for elected office, & how she has navigated the male-dominated world of politics. After that, I sit down with Cook County Circuit Court Judge candidates, Araceli Reyes De La Cruz, Laura Ayala-Gonzalez, and Judge, Teresa Molina, to discuss their races, representation in the judicial system, and a whole lot more.

  • Episode 24: Community As A Campus with Dr. Jonathan Rosa & José López

    On today’s episode of the Paseo Podcast, we welcome back to the show, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Chicago, José López. We also welcome tenured professor at Stanford University, Dr. Jonathan Rosa. In our discussion, we talk about the organizing mindset of Community as a Campus. We take a deep dive into what this mindset is and why it matters.

  • Episode 23: Healing Jodonas with Melissa Cintron & Dorian Ortega

    Co-founders of Healing Jodonas, Melissa Cintron and Dorian Ortega join the show. We discuss what Healing Jodonas is, their monthly healing poetry circles, and the effects healing poetry circles can have on someone dealing with things like burnout, trauma, etc. We also had the chance to listen to some poetry from past Healing Jodonas Healing Poetry Circles.

  • BONUS: Report from the Illinois Delegation to Puerto Rico (PR Agenda Press Conference)

    This press conference was to report what the Illinois delegation, organized by the Puerto Rican Agenda, witnessed on the 6 municipality tour they took in Puerto Rico. They were there to deliver over $30,000 in earthquake relief aid raised through the Puerto Rican Agenda’s 3R’s Campaign. To be brought up to speed, here's the link to the previous presser announcing the reactivation of the campaign.

  • Episode 22: Jaiku Neoj + Somos Arte

    Sabrina Alicea returns to talk about Somos Arte and the beginning of the road to the Puerto Rican Festival in Chicago. We also welcome Jaiku Neoj to the show. She is a Trans Afro-Taína poet and visual artist here in Chicago. We’re going to talk about her experience speaking at the Protagonistas series, what it’s like to share her story, self-love, Trans Chicago and a bunch more.

  • BONUS: Cook County Assessor, Fritz Kaegi

    Not many people know what the role of the Cook County Assessor is and what their office does, so we took the deep dive with Assessor Fritz Kaegi on the role of the Cook County Assessor, property taxes in Cook County, affordable housing, new ways for seniors to access property tax exemptions, and a lot more. We even snuck in a Raiders of the Lost Ark reference.

  • Episode 21: Iowa Caucus Boricua Breakdown + Oscar López Rivera Goes on Tour

    Edoardo Ortiz, a graduate student at the University of Chicago School of Public Policy joins the show to share his experience at the Iowa Caucus. He went to Iowa for the caucuses as part of a Puerto Rican delegation from Chicago. Things did not go quite as planned at the Iowa Caucus, so we took the deep dive with Edoardo on what his experience was like before, during, and after the Caucus chaos. We also welcome back to the show, Oscar López Rivera, former political prisoner and Puerto Rican activist, who is going on a NorthWest tour of the U.S. He and one of his tour coordinators, Margarita Gallagher Huertas, discuss what you can expect from the tour and share some perspectives on the current state of Puerto Rico.

  • Episode 20: Jennifer Lopez & Shakira’s Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

    Did you hear? JLo and Shakira performed at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. We invited 2 special guests to share their reactions and address some of the online debates that occurred after it. Let us know your opinions on our social media channels and let us know if we missed anything. Respectful debate is always welcome.


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