• BONUS: Census 2020

    This bonus episode is dedicated to the Census. We had a discussion with leaders from the Coalition for Spiritual and Public Leadership. Michael N. Okińczyc-Cruz, Rose Ocampo, and Rosette Mumboleo join the show to discuss why the Census is important, address misconceptions, and share what you should consider when completing your Census questionnaire.

  • BONUS: Report from the Illinois Delegation to Puerto Rico (PR Agenda Press Conference)

    This press conference was to report what the Illinois delegation, organized by the Puerto Rican Agenda, witnessed on the 6 municipality tour they took in Puerto Rico. They were there to deliver over $30,000 in earthquake relief aid raised through the Puerto Rican Agenda’s 3R’s Campaign. To be brought up to speed, here's the link to the previous presser announcing the reactivation of the campaign.

  • BONUS: Cook County Assessor, Fritz Kaegi

    Not many people know what the role of the Cook County Assessor is and what their office does, so we took the deep dive with Assessor Fritz Kaegi on the role of the Cook County Assessor, property taxes in Cook County, affordable housing, new ways for seniors to access property tax exemptions, and a lot more. We even snuck in a Raiders of the Lost Ark reference.

  • BONUS: Puerto Rican Agenda’s 3Rs Campaign for Earthquake Relief Efforts (Press Conference)

    This bonus episode is a recording of a Puerto Rican Agenda press conference on Friday, January 10, in Chicago. We also have a video of the press conference on our Facebook page, if you would like to see that version instead. Now the PR Agenda is relaunching their 3Rs Campaign to help people in Puerto Rico after a series of earthquakes have hit the island, including 5.8 and 6.4 magnitude quakes.

  • BONUS: Aftershocks of Disaster with Dr. Yarimar Bonilla & Ald. Rosanna Rodriguez

    It's a special bonus episode of the Paseo Podcast! Joshua attended an event at the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture on October 24, 2019 to listen in on a conversation between Dr. Yarimar Bonilla & Ald. Rosanna Rodriguez (33rd Ward, Chicago).


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