Our Mission

The Paseo Podcast creates audio and video content for and about the Puerto Rican community throughout the world in service to the empowerment, spreading, and archiving of their stories.

Our Story

The Puerto Rican communities of the Diaspora and on la Isla are diverse and vibrant. They deserve to be shared, but are not always given the time to shine. Through the piloting of the Paseo Podcast, we seek to highlight stories by, from, and about the Puerto Rican Community.

Our Founder

Joshua Smyser-DeLeon<a href="http://twitter.com/jsdeleon"></a>
Joshua Smyser-DeLeon

A Chicago native raised in Humboldt Park, Joshua Smyser-DeLeon began the Paseo Podcast as a way to bring attention to the Puerto Rican community. After Hurricane Maria, he felt as though the voices of the Puerto Rican people were falling on deaf ears. By utilizing the growing media of podcasting and video content creation, his hope is to provide a vehicle for Puerto Rican stories to travel around the world. He hopes to one day create a community lab where resources for audio and video content creation can be easily accessible to people of color, who are underrepresented in the communications field.



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